What Do We Tell the Kids? Talking About the Break Up

Often, Oakville family law firm states that most of the clients who approach them for consulting a family lawyer have one question in common. The problem is how to deal with their children. Most people feel afraid to speak about their separation to their children. This is because children being very sensitive cannot accept the fact of separation and divorce very easily. Most children associate the whole event with anger and frustration.

Studies have shown that children depending on their age children may react in various ways. Obviously, a parent knows their children in a better way. However they should know the proper way to break the news about the breakup in front of their children. Although there is no hard and fast rule through which children should learn about the news of separation or breakup, still it would be better if parents take the help of counselor or health professionals.

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Break-up or Separation: Not a Pleasant Thing

Break-up or separation is not an enjoyable thing for grown up as well as for children. It makes a person to go through a lot of stress and anxiety. However, following some basic tips which have been provided by Oakville family law firm, you or your children can easily adjust with the changed situation.

Not Telling Them

Many parents might feel that there is no need to tell children about their breakup until the other partner moves out. However, doing so can have an adverse effect on the child’s mental health. So it would be better to converse with the children about the break u.p

Taking Time to Tell

Family lawyer mentions that children can easily sense problems and if they are not told about it can be very disastrous for them. It can traumatize them. Hence, time should be taken to tell them about break up.

Best thing that can be done is to tell the child about your breakup together as a team. Oakville family law firm claims that by doing this it can help a child to avoid any kind of confusion as they would be hearing only one side of the story.

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Keeping It Simple

Any good Family lawyer Montreal will state that it would be better if the topic about break up and divorce is discussed in a manner which a child will understand. For example, mommy and daddy have tried it hard and they want to stay separately for some time. In case, the child has witnesses a lot of arguments then they can be easily explained about the fact that breakup would be best for the family.

Playing the Blame Game

Oakville family law firm firmly believes that putting the blame game for break up on others should be avoided. Pointing fingers on others can make a child feel guilty. They might believe they are the reason of divorce.

Expecting Mixed Bag of Emotions

When you are ready to tell your kind about break-up, you can expect to receive a mixed bag of emotions, emotions may range from happy to sad one. So time should be given so that they can sink the news.

Parents should always take the expert advice of Oakville family law firm while dealing with break up. They can guide parents with ways to deal with the whole thing. Catch more info about family law in Canada here!